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Any Problem Areas Today?

I Corinthians 6: 19-20 (ESV): Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

Although banks and schools were open, yesterday was in fact a holiday and one that I was fortunate enough to have off. Normally, all my holidays are spent with my daughter as she’s typically out of school. However, with school being in session, I was so looking forward to having some “me time” and not thinking about all the things I’d have to get done – laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework, etc., etc., etc. I had the pleasure of going to the spa for a long overdue day of pampering and relaxation. Prior to having my daughter, going to the spa was sort of a regular indulgence for me. However, priorities change when it’s no longer just about you. So, I scheduled an hour massage, an hour facial, followed by lunch and then an hour each for a manicure and pedicure – five hours of pure bliss. As I’m taking the walk with my massage “therapist” towards the room she begins to ask how long has it been since I’ve had a massage – six and a half years I say – and, the more important question she asked was, “are there any problem areas I need to be aware of?” It’s quite an interesting process if you think about it. You’re literally baring yourself – physically and sometimes emotionally – to someone you’ve never met before, engaging in fairly substantive conversation, hoping to free yourself of the stressors and burdens weighing you down. I thought about it for a moment and responded that there was muscle pain in my upper back.

Let’s face it, life can be overwhelming and downright stressful. Doctors have come to learn that there is a direct correlation between emotional and physical pain. You see, most of the wounds or scars we have aren’t external. I have one prominent external scar, which I have strategically learned how to cover, and no one knows it’s there until I either disclose it or I allow you to get close enough to discover it for yourself. Many people are living with trapped emotions, covered wounds; pain which is not easily detectable by the human eye. What does that look like you ask? Perfectionism, anger, the never ceasing comedian or class clown, rudeness, arrogance/pride, alcoholism, substance abuse or misuse, promiscuity, lack of self-respect or respect for others, abuses of all sorts – food, people, sex, excessive shopping, overspending, being judgmental and/or critical of others. This is just a small list. It has been said that the funniest and/or most successful comedians are those who have a lot of pain. Actors tend to be tortured souls as well projecting their emotions and experiences into the characters they play. Many of us are the same except our performances aren’t played out on a big screen, but rather on the stages of our daily lives and cameo appearances in the lives of those who encounter us. In order for something to be released, it first has to come up. Many of us have experienced situations where we ingested something we could not digest or handle, and thus the body aids in correcting the situation by forcing it to come up and expelling it. Whenever emotions are suppressed and not dealt with, walls of toxins are created in our body rendering us incapable of wholly giving or receiving love. As a result, therein lies the cycle of wounded individuals connecting with other wounded souls leading to an increase in what they’re masking – PAIN. Allow those issues to come to the surface—force them if you must—look at that problem(s), examine it and then RELEASE it for HEALING.

Matthew 21:12-14 is one account of Jesus clearing out the temple:
And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves. And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple; and he healed them.

Jesus went into the temple and cast out what should not be; the temple was to be a house of prayer, contributing to healing. What have you made your temple to be? What’s residing in there?

I went to the spa yesterday not looking for healing, but as an aid to relax. What pain are you carrying in your temple? What issues are you battling or covering up? Lack of purpose, self-esteem, fatherlessness, deceit, abortion, divorce, pride, greed. Are you willing to be made willing? He won’t force you. Whatever it is, you can allow it to come to the surface for healing knowing that you no longer have to cover IT because it’s been covered by the blood. He wants your temple cleansed and healed!

© February 2013

Terrell Owen says, “I’m in hell!”

After trusting the wrong people too many times, at what point does one get the lesson: “you haven’t learned to trust yourself?”  Many people have said you attract who you are.  While it is a true statement, maybe it should be clarified for a fuller understanding — you attract where you are.  We all emit pheromones — chemicals released by an organism into its environment enabling it to communicate with other members of its own species.  These pheromones can be sexual in nature, drawing us to one another or, they may be those that alarm us letting us know when we’re in a fight or flight situation.
When you’re whole, healed and can take responsibility for your own actions, you’re better positioned to clearly see when you’re attracting people of a similar state, thus attracting who you are.  When you’re broken, wounded and still victimized by things in your past you will draw to you not a person of like standing, but rather a person willing to take advantage of yours — one who detects your brokenness, smells your wounds and sees your vulnerability, thus you’re attracting people to where you are.  A structure whose walls are fortified is hard to penetrate.  If I fortify my house with an alarm, cameras and/or a watch dog, then what was intended for my domain will more than likely move on to some place less secure.  The enemy walks about seeking whom he may devour with the intent to steal, kill and destroy.  When you’re established, built up and rooted in Christ your walls have been fortified.  You may be a target, but the weapons formed will not prosper!  We have to become as wise as our enemy, but not harm as he does.
Some people wonder why they keep running into the same situations or the same type of people who end up doing what others have done to them.  If your focus remains on what others have done or are doing, things won’t change.  Focus on yourself.  Look within, find the source of the pain.  If you’re looking for others to fix you, validate you, or make you feel complete, I have news — you’ll forever be broken!  Give God every offense and offender.  The wound has to be cleaned.  Allow God to heal you.  Focus on Christ and what He can do within you and not only will You change, your situations will change.  Colossians 2:7  “Let your roots grow down into Him, let your lives be built on Him.  Then your faith will grow strong in the truth and you will overflow with thankfulness.”  
© 2012 Belinda Powell