My daughter came here with a certain “knowing.”  When she was in the womb, I noticed how she responded to certain rhythmic beats of the music I listened to; she showed me early on what she liked hearing.  By the time she was nine months old is when she began to physically demonstrate her response to beats and by the age of 15 months old, she instinctively knew what type of dance corresponded to a certain rhythm.  It was truly amazing to watch.

Everything God — you may call Him Source, Spirit, Universe — does, starts with a seed and works according to principle or law.  My daughter came here with a knowing and, through learning her, I came to know that we all did.  Unfortunately, due to some of the conditions many of us had to survive in, we lost touch with our identities before we even knew who we were called to Be.  By the age of three, my daughter was speaking and acting with a level of authority that was intriguing for a child her age; so much so, that children more than twice her age were often taking direction from her rather than she them.

A few days ago I was out running errands and decided to make a quick stop at Starbucks to grab coffee.  As we entered the store, the friendly wait staff greeted us and while I was perusing the board, my daughter said (to no one in particular), “I am going to have a strawberries and crème.”  I immediately thought, the audacity of her telling me what she’s going to get, she didn’t ask me.  So I said, “no you will not.”  What was illuminating for me was, in that moment she didn’t respond to my statement, but Spirit did.  Now, the person behind the register had already written her order on a cup while I was still scanning the board for my desired item.  So, her expectation was being met, I just didn’t know it.  When the barista asked for my order, I placed mine and then restated what my daughter desired, to which the barista responded, “oh WE got that.”  My daughter has never limited herself; from the time she could speak she has always stated things in the affirmative.  Don’t get me wrong, she definitely “asks” for permission for things or to go places, etc., but there are those times when she speaks as though she knows it will be.  Isn’t that what faith is?  We command action (whether positive or negative) with our words.  When we ask of our Father, He never told us to worry about how it would happen, only that we should ask in faith … ask with a level of expectation and allow Him to determine its way to us.

What is it that you really desire?  Trust Him for the big things.  Get your mind on it, see it, speak it and now here’s the key:  get out of the way…. allow it to be.

We limit the Power within!  God is … Source, God is … Spirit, God is …  Universal.  God IS!

Belinda Powell, ©2016

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