Nothing But the Truth...Workshops

If you’ve come to this page, then you’re serious about making lasting, transformative changes in your life.  If you’re looking for straightforward, truth-filled sessions, then these events are for you.  This is not spiritual entertainment.  These workshops are for seekers of Truth, those on the path to Overcoming spiritual roadblocks.  You will be presented with information, supporting your examination of what you were taught to believe, and become more confident in your inner evolution and “knowing.” 

Spirit speaks in many ways and uses what it will to get our attention ... we're here to master life.

It’s time to go higher.  Stay tuned for information regarding upcoming dates and registration details.

Soul Coaching

If you would like guidance in your own spiritual journey, guidance regarding your soul's awakening, help in recognizing, understanding and transforming blocks and negative behaviors into strengths and positive beliefs, releasing emotional blocks that are preventing you from fully living an authentic life and holding your soul back from manifesting your gifts and dreams, this session is for you. Rather than me giving you messages the entire time, it is intentionally loose in format and is more of a coaching/healing session with guidance from Spirit.  I don’t make decisions for you, I support you in becoming whole and empowered as you make your own! 

 This one-on-one session will be offered in half hour or one hour increments and will address painful life challenges, current or childhood issues, stemming from spiritual, emotional and/or sexual abuse or trauma. 

*Disclaimer:  While I believe Spirit is the best healer and teacher, my services are not a substitution for licensed, therapeutic counseling should you need or desire it.


ONE HOUR – Soul Coaching Session

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HALF HOUR – Soul Coaching Session

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