Let It Go!: Healing the Wound of Unforgiveness and Destroying the Root of Bitterness

Many people have said we attract who we are. While it is a true statement, it should be clarified for a fuller understanding--we actually attract where we are. We communicate with one another in various ways. When we are whole, healed and are able to take responsibility for our actions, we are better positioned to clearly see when we are attracting people of a similar state; thus, attracting who we are. When we are broken, wounded and still victimized by things in our past, we typically will not draw a person of like standing, but rather one willing to take advantage of ours. We will attract someone who detects our brokenness, smells our wounds and sees our vulnerability; thus, attracting people to where we are. This guide is for those who feel weighed down by pains and offenses from the past, and struggle with the process of forgiveness. You are not alone. However, when we forgive, we literally untie the strings from the pains of our past. Release the pain, allow yourself to heal and let it go!