Many people expend much energy trying to obtain what they’ve determined will make them happy or successful –money, fame, material possessions.  There is one thing of greater value — which I hope we all acquire before leaving this earth– and that is to be truly known.  For it is only in being truly known that one can say they’ve been truly loved! Love — there’s nothing greater! – Belinda Powell

Who Am I?

Welcome; I’m glad you’ve found your way here.  I’m Belinda.  That is my name, but who am I; that’s the question.  We initially start this process of living thinking our lives are about us — our desires, our wants, our needs — but many of us eventually begin to seek our purpose and reason for being, realizing there’s something more to this thing we call life.  I have had a connection with the Divine since early childhood.  At the early age of 12, while walking home from school one afternoon, I had an eye-opening encounter.  I began to experience dreams and visions and later came to understand my spiritual gifts.  Within five years, I had encountered many powerful experiences that shaped the course of my spiritual life.  Two years later, a devastating attack caused me to doubt not only the Creator, but my own life’s purpose.  For 20 years, I felt and was lost wandering in my wilderness experience.  But miracles are known to happen in the wilderness.  In our dry places, we search for water and every experience has brought me back full circle to where I started — back to the I AM, back to Truth,
back to Life, back to ME. 

My life’s journey has been paved with many challenges.  I initially saw myself as a victim and then survivor, but later realized I was simply a warrior in training. I know what it is to have your voice stolen by trauma.  I know what it means to live life guarded, carrying the weights of others’ guilt and shame.  I lived a life of extreme pain, masking it for over 20 years; I was looking outside myself for validation and acceptance.  Eventually, the time came that I had to face the pain, embrace it and heal.  It was through this Spirit led journey - 13 months discovering, opening, confronting, cleaning, and healing wounds - that I learned how to forgive.  It was through this process of healing that my dormant spiritual gifts were re-awakened.  Through transforming this pain it allowed me to discover how my spiritual gifts can help others transform their painful pasts.  There’s a purpose for our pain; it is a gift, OUR gift, leading us to know our purpose.  To walk in our power, to manifest the call of our soul, we must heal our pain.  Love, health, happiness, peace and prosperity are the choices we make.  We are Creators of the world in which we live and all things outside of us change when things inside change first.  I recall answering the question posed by my father when I was a child: “Belinda, what do you want to be when you grow up?”  My heart’s desire was to teach and now I see that I had to learn first.

To be who you are called to be, means letting go and reconciling the past.  It's not easy, but aren't you worth it?  I am a facilitator of healing with Spirit here to support the clients who find me on their soul’s transformative journey. You were strong enough to survive the pain and abuse; therefore, you are more than strong enough to survive the recovery.

So, who am I?  I Am more than a conqueror.  I Am a Spiritual teacher. I Am an Intuitive. I Am a Soul Coach. I Am a reflection of You.  Let's do the work to reclaim your voice and live out loud; heal and overcome by the power of your words!