Healing the Soul of America

If we look at what’s going on in our world today, it appears as though the world is deformed by this poison of unforgiveness.  We’re seeing more images of brutality, living with the effects of systemic injustice, and now during what is set aside as “black history month” advertising depicting images of black face meant to cause harm and evoke a collective emotional response.  Unforgiveness is that heavy stone lying on the individual and collective chests of Americans.  Scripture holds some relevant principles and truths and, more importantly, Universal Laws, which have consequences when the Laws are broken.  One such Universal Law, which spoken differently in many religions and belief systems, is do unto others as you would have done unto you, or the law of cause and effect.

Why is it that in 2019 it appears as though racism is more alive than ever?  Why is it so deeply engrained in the DNA of America that we seem to not be able to let it go?  As I was sitting in meditation yesterday, I asked that question of Spirit … like what am I missing, what am I not seeing?  Well, here goes.  The karma of America needs to be healed.  So, who is America?  America is the lineage of the people labeled “Negro, Colored, Black and/or African-American,” all of which are a misnomer.  We were given those labels to dispossess us as a people, to rob us, to take away our inheritance.

Exactly what is karma?  Karma is simply the energy one puts out in the Universe at a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical level coming back to you in some way.  Our ancestors made some bad decisions and deals (with our land, our education, our housing, our natural resources on our lands (oil, etc.) some mostly out of fear and others out of ignorance, but the majority was lost through fraud, theft or murder.  So how do we heal what happened to our ancestors?  Forgiveness.  Many of them left this earth plane with unforgiveness in their hearts, bitter, angry and didn’t have a chance to right some of these ills and wrongs.  Well, those traumas passed down through the generations and we’re dealing with cultural karma.  We are a current.  We are a stream; we are a continuation of our ancestors. 

So how do we deal with racism?  Forgive it, atone for it and when someone has broken the law, APPLY the LAW.  The Creator’s laws are written on our hearts, but the laws of the land are written down for all to know; they don’t need interpretation they just need to be enforced by people of integrity, those who have taken oaths to uphold the laws of the land and enforce them.  Simple.  Stop calling people by colors of crayons; adjectives!  I am copper colored, yet I’m called or referred to as BLACK.  Call me by my name, Belinda or identify me by my nationality an American woman … but let’s stop the other identifiers, name-calling, misnomers.  Hold everyone accountable to the law because that’s what makes it a law, it cannot be changed and no one is above it, not even this de facto government operating on the land; all are equal under the law. 

Black history month is yet another means by which they can keep us in a box, to keep perpetuating untruths, reinforcing lies of our history that keep us reliving this karma program of racism and the injustices they want to keep revisiting upon our psyches.  No other group of people have months where they’re forced to revisit truths and lies of traumas and a painful past, so why do they insist on doing this?  So that we can’t move past it, they want to keep us reacting from our emotions and keep the negative karma going.  If we’re reacting and not forgiving, they won’t be forced to account for their injustices.  The way to heal it is to no longer continue giving it our attention and forgive it.  Clean our side of the street, clean the path to our own doors (the doors of our hearts) and they’ll have to deal with theirs.  That’s the only way justice can truly come.  It’s like feeding the birds, you start with a few and before you know it, you have a field full of them.  If we take our energy away from the situation, if we forgive what has happened to our ancestors and refuse to pick it back up, then we can begin to see the healing not only take place, but last.  ALL generations of our ancestors are present in us.  We have the power to stand in the gap and do what they were not able to do.  Call upon your ancestors and listen to their stories.  What do you need to forgive:  lynching, rape, forced incest, castration, theft, murder?  Yet, the bigger question may be how do we know WHO to forgive?  One area of forgiveness is regarding our history.  We have been lied to about who we are, what our contributions to this continent are, and much of the evidence proving such is either destroyed or held in secret.  Again, call to your ancestors for guidance and answers.  We must begin to research the etymology of words as “Black” is a relatively new term and “African American” even newer, names we did not give ourselves but were placed upon us for a purpose.  We are indigenous, melanated people whereas black and white are statuses, not skin colors.  Second, we need to forgive this government.  Third, we need to forgive the lineage of the ancestors who committed these atrocities against our ancestors.  Why is that important?  Well, simply because they’re the beneficiaries of those evils yet they truly believe that because they didn’t perpetrate those evils with their own hands that they are free from any repercussions of their ancestors’ actions.  I believe racism is the trust fund by which they continue to benefit and, as we know, a trust fund is set up by someone for the benefit of others.  Racism has benefitted their beneficiaries for generations and continues to do so; it’s a fact whether they want to admit it or not, but we need to forgive our anger regarding this reality.

But know this, blaming and arguing can never help us and only creates a wider gap between us; only understanding, trust and love can help us change and grow.  We say there’s nothing greater than love, but how can we say we love if we refuse to forgive.  Forgive the traumas and pains our ancestors endured; forgive the atrocities they suffered and those we are currently experiencing in our generation … let our side of the scale be as light as a feather.  Forgiveness restores our lives to us and when we forgive for our ancestors, we’re telling the Universe and, more importantly stating to ourselves, that we are ok now.  If we stay in unforgiveness, collectively our lineage is one of victimhood and the Universe will continue to give us more of what we believe we are … victims!

So how do we know WHO to forgive?  Look at the generational curses in your family.  Now look at how they play out on a larger scale in America.  We know who to forgive by where we place the blame; follow the blame and we’ll find the persons or institutions we need to forgive.  Blame is the match that ignites unforgiveness.  Fear keeps us from forgiving.  But it’s easy to forgive when we truly realize we’re safe now.  And the most important reasons we forgive is realizing when we don’t, we’re the ones who are hurt the most.  It’s like having a really busy day and at the end you’re just so tired from the weight of all that you don’t have to figure out how to sleep or rest, you just do it because you know so much good will come from you doing so.  That’s what this cultural, ancestral forgiveness will do for us.  Bring nothing but good!

Imagine the people who harmed our ancestors; what do we know of their pasts?

  • Were they sick, damaged or abused people themselves?
  • Were they operating from greed?
  • Were they operating from lies which they believed to be true; taking directives and orders they felt they couldn’t disobey?
  • Were they acting from fear; ignorance?

Hurt people hurt people.  Abuse is not normal, and neither are those who perpetually abuse others.  If we don’t forgive out of fear, imagine the fear our oppressors may be operating from.  What fear?  That if we truly discovered all the atrocities perpetuated against our people, the lies they’ve had us living under, the fear of the repercussions to them or their offspring, their beneficiaries.  It is out of this fear, this unknown of what they “think” may occur that causes them to perpetrate more abuse, injustice, wrongful imprisonments, killings of our people.  Forgiveness creates a blame free environment, but it does not take away the consequences.  Justice cannot collectively come to our people until we collectively forgive and let it go.   Forgive their actions; forgive ourselves for holding on to all this energy creating more negative karma.

The Universe has a balancing mechanism and will take care of what we ourselves individually cannot.  I am a spark of the Infinite Creator.  I am here to break these programs which have been generations in the making.  We suffer from the harm placed upon our ancestors by the words and actions of others, but we overcome by the Power of our Words.  Life and death are in the power of our own tongue.  For this is what the Lord God says, “Enough …. Cease your violence and oppression and do what is just and right.  Stop dispossessing My people.”

This is what awaits us on the other side of forgiveness.  When we begin to forgive those atrocities for our ancestors then will we see justice roll down like a waterflood and righteousness like an ever-flowing mighty stream (Amos 5:24).

Forgive for our ancestors.     Heal.     Let it Go!

OWOW! © February 14, 2019