Under Construction

It’s three months into the new year, March 2017. How are things progressing? Do you feel like the new year came in, but things are operating on the same cycle as it was for you in 2016? Do you feel like you’re in a hole? Is the hole getting bigger and bigger? Well, dear hearts, let’s talk.

The other day I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in at least six months. When I asked how things were, the individual took a deep sigh and said, “not good, but I’m hanging in there.” The person went on to explain how every time they seem to be getting a hold on things, something happens and it’s like they’re either back to square one or worse. The thing is, whatever the “something” is, they couldn’t seem to figure out. I first encouraged my friend by letting them know, things are going to be alright, things are going to get better. In any situation, the first thing to do is to keep our heads about us … stay encouraged, keep a focused perspective. In any crisis, he who keeps his cool is usually the victor. Then, ask yourself, have I been here before and, if so, what was the result from the last time. Situations repeatedly appear in our lives simply because we’re not paying attention or learning the lesson the situation is offering us. To pass to the next level, we must pass the test. I then asked my friend if they knew the Universe operates in seasons and timing. The person thought about it, and while they couldn’t answer with a 100% knowing, “believed” that it did. I began to share how the Universe speaks in ways that we’re not paying attention to and, if we worked with Life, we could ease into the situations in our lives with confidence that Life is not here to fail us but grow us. After talking through how to recognize the stage you’re in and how to look forward in confidence and trust, my friend’s countenance lightened, a smile appeared and then said, “man, I sure do feel better; thank you for that.”

Dear hearts, if your load is still heavy from 2016, you may need to take into consideration there’s something you’re still holding onto that the Creator wants you to let go. We’re in the first quarter of 2017, you still have time to figure out what it is; however, some things are better done sooner rather than later, especially if you can recall going around the same mountain more than once. This is a “one” year … a year of creating. If you’re still holding on to old baggage, then you’re not in position for anything new. Life works in cycles and seasons, beginnings and endings and knowing where you are, what season you’re in makes all the difference in learning versus learning the hard way. We are co-creators with Source …. until we let go of what’s not working, we delaying receiving the new.

Lastly, if the hole you’re in seems like it’s impossible to climb out, in this you can take confidence. Driving around running errands yesterday, I pointed out a construction site to my daughter. I asked her if she had any thoughts about what it was or could possibly be; all she could seem to focus on was how much of a mess it was causing in terms of traffic, etc. I told her here’s the simplicity of it, for the hole to be that vast, that means that what is going to fill it must go so deep because the plans for it are to be built higher … you don’t dig holes that deep for a three-story building. My friends, if the lesson you’re learning has caused you to fall so deep, as low as you’ve gone, get ready to be built higher when you come out of the lesson. Source may allow you to be cast down, but you won’t be destroyed. Source has a hedge around you until the work is finished … you’re a spark of the Divine, you’re Life, Under Construction.©