The Power of Now!

Fifteen minutes ago I sat down with the intent to still myself, silence my thoughts and meditate.  As I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breath, I began to push aside the many thoughts that were rushing towards me.  As I relaxed more into the moment, I began to think about letting go and moving forward.  I tried to push that thought away as it kept coming back to me, but eventually gave in and realized Spirit was wanting me to focus on something very specific.

We are embarking upon a new year soon and shortly thereafter a new president.  Many are concerned about the uncertainties that lie ahead for our country, our economy, our people.  The new year is twenty-eight days away, but yet I feel hopeful about what will come to an end in order for something new to begin.  You see, a new life is just a moment away — the moment in which you decide it will begin.  I have been writing since I was a child, short stories, poems and, most important, messages from Spirit.  Unfortunately, I stopped writing when I was about twenty years old and, although Spirit continued to speak, I was choosing not to listen.  Each time we ignore the voice, His voice, it becomes more faint, our path becomes less clear and our life journey harder.

As I move daily towards 2017, I now live by rules of three, which is my power of now, one of which I’ll share with you.  First, let it go — forgive everyone of everything.  Second, give it time — you won’t feel better immediately, but stay the course; patience will bring the joy.  Third, you can rest knowing All is Well!  What is unclear now, will all make sense in the end.

Everyday is another chance for a fresh start; every night is a chance to leave behind who and whatever doesn’t serve you. While I will continue to write and share via my blog and FB posts, it is now my intention to move into 2017 in a new format.  Today, and each day, I speak and confirm my new vision and will work until it manifests.  I do what each day allows and each night I re-declare:  “I move forward, and leave today behind; NOW is the time.”

Let it go.  Give it time.  All IS well!

BElinda poWELL© December 3, 2016